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My name is Marie, let me tell you my story that happened to me fifty years ago. I was walking from home one day, wearing tight jeans, jean jacket, low shirt showing my abdomen, and my freshly painted blue toenails, when I felt tired and my feet hurting. I then removed my shoes and saw a cave my dad reminded me day after day , so I entered it. I rested up for 5-6 minutes then began walking until I saw a stream of water in the middle of the cave. I soaked  my tired feet in the water and walked further into the cave. I noticed a strange green glowing ahead, so I decided to inspect it. So I walked, and it seemed that the floor was getting colder and colder by the minute..I then saw where the glow was coming from, it was a green glowing orb. I leaned forward, amazed at its bright color, then I touched the orb with my right hand, and got flown backwards and hit the wall.

My vision got regained and I reached for my sandals when I just notice my right hand still grasping the orb! What happened next completely blew me away. My right hand was TURNING INTO STONE! The only thing that was thinking on my mind was, ' Is this a dream?' so I blinked my eyes twice. But unfortunately, it wasn't a dream. I cried and cried as soon as it reached my outstretched leg and ankle, I tried to wiggle my painted blue pedicured foot but it was already froze and turning to stone. I looked to my left and noticed my arm getting turned into stone, slowly, but surely my bent left leg froze and turned into stone. I couldn't even move my toes anymore! It then started below my stomach and my button, I felt a tingling in my stomach and body but I couldn't itch.

The stoning process then started in my chest, I tried to scream but all that came out was a squeaking voice due to my lungs being turned into stone and so did my heart, it slowly started to slowly beat..boom-boom..boom-boom..then silence. The process then started from my neck up, I now could not move my head, only my eyes. I felt the back of my head turning into stone and start to get cold. It then turned my hair into stone as beautiful black curly hair. My eyes then froze, I could only stare at the caves entrance, my face then froze with a saddened look on my face. Then the stoning process ended, I could no longer blink, move my toes, foot, nothing.

I thought for sure when my eyes got caught in the stoning process, I said to myself that I will only see darkness. I was wrong, I could still see the orb in my right hand and my stoned body. For days, months, and years, I missed my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my cat and dog. I kept thinking positive that someone will come looking for me until one day the cave entrance caved in. I tried to cry, but no tear would shed on the outside.

Thoughts raced through my stone brain again and again before I went to sleep,'Will I ever get out of this cave and get tuned back to normal? Will I grow old and die as a statue?'

I am Marie Williams, 17 years old (67 present time) and I am still a statue, will anyone come to my rescue?
Will Marie ever get rescued and turned back to normal?

If you want to draw a picture for this story, please feel free and send me the picture. Thanks :)

(The character Marie Williams is based on a real life girl I know in my grade (10th) and I wanted to make a story with her in it.)
(The idea came to me a bit from My Name Nknx2005)

-Copyrighted story/Character-
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nknx2005 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ashley could relate. Curious to see where this goes. 
MisaKuroi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I knew Ive read something similar before^^
StoneFreak Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I hope you liked it. I mean, I really want to be like you and the other people who makes Girls Turned To Stone stories. I am currently working on pt 2 for The Cave. 
MisaKuroi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It was interesting, through not realy something new.

Ive replyed to your note^^

Like I said there, if you have some questions or want to talk about soe ideas, just feel free to ask.

I think :iconalexdemitri: :iconagrofrog: :iconchainedknee: :iconl-exander909: or :iconlz0291: will be inspiring to you too and Im sure they will help you too, if you ask them.
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